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A quality range of spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, beers on tap, wines, ciders, and plenty of booze-free options available.


We take pride in offering a wide range of classic cocktails with something for everyone's palate. Or maybe you'd like to sip one one of our well-loved house favourites? 100% That Bitch or a Metamour In Fashion? Our Espresso Martinis are made with fresh espresso from Pogo coffee roasters and trust us, you can tell the difference. We've got something for everyone in this range of traditional and house favourites, and many are available booze-free, too!


All the essentials plus a wide range of liqueurs. We also stock a few top-shelf local gins and a some flashy nips of premium vodka.


Coopers range. Familiar, delicious, and always local.


The spirit of supporting local perseveres in our wine list, featuring cooler climate Sparklings and bold Barossa reds.


Ring ring, Ring ring... Yes, hello? The 90's called and they want their lemon lime and bitters back!

Cindi's is proud to promote safe drinking culture and with that in mind, we offer a wide range of non-alco ciders, beers, and non-alco spirits. Let us throw you a mocktail with a bit o' flare, or simply kick back with a can of cola. We have all your sober options covered.

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