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Feb '24 The Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith


Anna shot to fame in the late 90's as a playboy bunny and was also an actress and model. Her life was mired by personal grief. she worked incredibly hard for the bag and was the embodiment of the ‘hooker with a heart of gold’ trope.

Anna was formidable at playing the role the patriarchy asked her to, but in her private life she had love affairs with women as well as men.

Cocktail: Pornstar Martini

Vanilla Vodka, Passionfruit, Lime and sparkling wine


June '23 The Scarlot Harlot

Carol Leigh 1951 – 2022), also known as The Scarlot Harlot, was an American artist, author, filmmaker, sex worker, and sex workers' rights activist. She is credited with coining the term "Sex Work" and founded the Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival and was the co-founder of BAYSWAN, the Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network.


$2 from every cocktail sold goes to SIN, a community-based organisation funded to promote the health, rights and wellbeing of South Australian sex workers.

Scarlot Harlot Carol Leigh.jpeg

May '23 Kehlani's Honey

Kehlani (she/they) 24.04.95 RnB superstar Kehlani has been open about their fluid sexuality- they have challenged us to accept the nuance in their own attractions and relationships. She has flipped the script placed on women in RnB and continues to highlight the privileges of her experience in comparison to more marginalised members of the LGBTQI+ community. Her songs proudly celebrate her relationships with people of all genders and she has spoken about the impacts of the BLM movement, sexual assault, suicide and homelessness on her own life. On sexuality, Kehlani, who now identifies herself as a lesbian, says ‘love lies in every gender there is’.

April '23 The Pink Dot Sling

The Pink Dot Sling is our take on the Singapore Sling. It recognises the annual pride event held in Singapore since 2009, and the recent repeal of laws banning homosexual sex, a legacy of British colonialism. Pink Dot sees thousands of Singaporeans descend on a park wearing pink and holding pink torches to form a giant 'pink dot' visible from the sky. Although queer Singaporeans still face workplace discrimination, regular violence and financial disadvantage, this change is viewed as a step in the right direction and a recognition of the resilience of the Singapore queer communities. For more info visit


Benedictine, Ounce Bright gin, Ounce cerise cherry liqueur and lime. Topped with a pink cherry shot.

Pink Dot Sling square for WIX.png

March '23 The Alice Anderson

In the 1920’s, Alice Anderson opened an all woman motor garage in Melbourne. Alice’s childhood was not defined by the gender norms of the time due to financial struggles which left her family living in ‘the bush’ and it was rumoured that she had female partners throughout her life. In a time when women didn’t even pump their own gas and weren’t able to get bank loans, her garage was revolutionary and became notorious quickly until all of her staff left to join the world war 2 efforts in the early forties. Sadly Alice’s life was cut short when she died at 29 years old in 1926. 

The Cocktail 

Southern Comfort, Montenegro, Mandeaux Liqueur, fresh lemon, shaken and topped with pear cider plus a splash of soda. Garnished with rosemary and ending on a citrus finish.


Feb '23 "Tracey's Bed"

Tracey Karima Emin, (1963) is a British artist known for her autobiographical and confessional artwork. Emin produces work in a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, film, photography, neon text and sewn appliqué


Emin draws on her own experience to inform her work, this ranges from her sexual history, abuse and abortion to gender and relationships. The idea for her work, My Bed was inspired by a sexual yet depressive phase in the artist's life when she had remained in bed for four days without eating or drinking anything but alcohol. When she looked at the mess that had accumulated in her room, she suddenly realised what she had created.


This month’s cocktail “Tracey’s Bed” is a nod to the work, featuring the well-known flavours of a sexy margarita paired with a local twist of mandarin, and a messy float of red wine.


January '23
"The Nun's Habit"

in honour of Grand Mother Vish-Knew

Cerise Liqeur Fat-washed Opal Nera, Frangelico Montenegro, lemon.

Vishknew image for web.png

December '22
Carol Leigh aka
Scarlot Harlot

Carol Leigh (January 11, 1951 – November 16, 2022) was a sex worker and sex work activist for over 50 years. She coined the term Sex Worker and fought tirelessly on causes including queer rights and HIV/AIDS activism. The Scarlot Harlot is just like her, gorgeous, sweet and a little tart ;)  “I think particularly when life is hard, I always resort to comedy.”


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Harry Styles for web.png


The Watermelon Sugar

Named after the iconic Harry Styles and his hit 2019 single! Say hello to our cocktail special for the month of Feast. It is a fruity twist on the classic margarita! It features tequila, watermelon liqueur, triple sec and lime with a sweet and salty rim to top it off.

Harry Styles rose to fame after his success on the English X Factor and with the band One Direction. since starting his solo career, his gender expression, flamboyant fashion, and ongoing connection to the queer community has spoken to many. 

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